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Multirotor Systembuilds

We offer Custom Built Multicopter’s from 400mm to 1.2 Meters in size. Our Custom Builder has 20 years of Custom Building Experience in the R/C Industry. We offer many High End Frame choices for your Custom Builds. If you dont find your choice – give us a call. We are here to help !

Airframe Selectionchoose from the list of different Airframes

Intended Payload Weight Class (required)
 Cinema Camera DSLR Mirrorless Systemcamera Point & Shoot GoPro
Please select the maximum weight class that you wish to lift. It is worth noting cost goes up with payload. So only select a specific class if you are certain of needing the payload capacity.

Please Select a Cinema Class Airframe
 Droidworx Skyjib 8 Titanium Droidworx Skyjib X4 Titanium Photohigher HALO 8 Freefly Cinestar 8 HL

Please Select a DSLR Class Airframe
 Droidworx Skyjib 6 Titanium Droidworx Skyjib 6 Titanium Freefly Cinestar 8

Please Select a Mirrorless DSLR Class Airframe
 Droidworx XM-6 Titanium Droidworx XM-8 Titanium Droidworx XM-X4 Titanium Droidworx VM-6 Droidworx VM-8 Freefly Cinestar 6 DJI S1000 DJI S800 EVO

Please Select a Point & Shoot Class Airframe
 Droidworx XM-6 Titanium Droidworx VM-6 Droidworx CX-600 Titanium Droidworx VM-4 Droidworx XM-4 Titanium

Please Select a GoPro Class Airframe
 Droidworx VM-4 Droidworx XM-4 Titanium Droidworx CX-600 DJI Phantom DJI F550 DJI F450

Operators, Gimbal & Waypointschoose from the list of different Operation purposes

Choose from Single or Dual Operators (required)
 Solo (Single Radio Control Link for Aircraft and Gimbal) Dual (Dual Radio Control Link for Aircraft and Gimbal)

Data Link and Waypoint Options for Survey, Photogrammetry & Orthophotography (required)
 Not Required, Purely Cinematography & Photography Data Link with 1 Waypoint (Click & Go) Data Link with 5 Waypoints (Survey & Inspection) Data Link with 50 Waypoints (Full Photogrammetry Suite)
The DJI Data Link enables real time control from a laptop as well as autonomous flight capabilities. Usually not needed for Cinematography or Photography. But very usefull for survey, inspection and mapping.

Camera Gimbal Options (required)
 Freefly Cinestar Gimbal 2-Axis (Solo Operator, up to EPIC Class) Freefly Cinestar Gimbal 3-Axis (Dual Operator, up to EPIC Class) DJI Z15 Zenmuse (Panasonic GH2, Panasonic GH3 & Sony NEX5/7) DJI Zenmuse EVO (Canon 5D) DJI H2-3D (GoPro Hero 3) Freefly MoVI (Up to EPIC Class) Photohigher HALO 2000/2500 (Canon 5D/EPIC) Other
Please note, not all gimbals are suitable for all aircraft. If you are unsure please select “Other”.

Video Downlinkchoose from the list of different Video Downlinks

Video Link & Groundstation (required)
 Video Tx/RX Only, No Ground Equipment FPV Pult/Tray and 7" Remote Control Mounted LCD Dual FPV Pult/Tray and 7" Remote Control Mounted LCD (FPV CCD & Gimbal Video Link) Flight Case Based Groundstation – Custom Configurations Antenna Tracker and UHF Remote Control Upgrade Other "Custom Solution"
Many options are available for the video feed. A minimum is a ground based LCD and video transmitter/receiver, and then there are more upgrades possible.

Video Link Quality
 Standard Definition AV (Standard Spec of All Video Links) HD Video Link (Useful for Live Broadcasts)
The majority of customers use a SD video link. HD video links start at USD 1000.

Flight Packs and Charging Equipmentmost setups are using 2 packs in parallel

Power and Charging Options
 4 Lipo Packs, 2 Sorties (minimum for getting in the air) 8 Lipo Packs, 4 Sorties 12 Lipo Packs, 6 Sorties (constant flying is possible) Other
Based on the Battery packs you choose we will give recommendation on the charging equipment.

Training, Extras & SparesAn overall introduction to Your new Aircraft is highly recommended

Optional Extras & Spares
 Aircraft Flight Case Spare Set of Props Spare Motor & Motor Controller Lipo Charging Bags Lipo Battery Checker

Wood or Carbon Props
 Xoar Wood Precision Pair Props T-Motor Carbon Props Graupner E-Props (14 x 8)
Carbon props are lighter and more durable, but at a cost. Generally for a good set, 2-3 times the price of wooden blades. Good Carbon props are more efficient but all depends on the desired flying style of the craft.

 No Training Required or Take Delivery of Aircraft Only Three Hour Extended Handover (Demo of Aircraft and Run Down of Flight Systems) One Days Training for Two People (Suitable for 90% of Builds) Two Days Training for Two People (Advanced Systems with Multi Waypoints and New Pilots)

Your detailsmake sure You enter all the required information we need to give You an estimate

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Your Phone Number

Country of delivery

Your Flight Experience
 None (Completly New to Multirotor Aircraft) Basic (Some Experience with a DJI Phantom or Similar) Hobby (Used to Flying Small Quads or Similar) Advanced (Good Flight Skills, Inclduing Manual Control, or Single Rotor Experience)
If You are completetly new to Multirotors it is recommended that you get yourself a small toy copter and spend some time on getting familiar with reaction and orientation as flight characteristics between toy copter and professional copter are quite different.

Specific Project Details

Please let us know if there are any special requirements, or if any of the options you require are not present in this system builder.