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RTF - DJI S800 EVO ZENMUSE with Graupner

This is our Ready to Fly Package S800 EVO With Zenmuse (NEX7, NEX5, or GH3/4) + A2 + IOSD Mark II + 5.8 TX/RX Combo and includes very nice Graupner Radios. We could make this package cheaper and provide cheaper radios, but we prefer to provide a Graupner Radio for the copter on this package. The MX20 will give you telemetry and show the copters voltage which is extremly important.

No need to worry about building and setting up your S800 EVO and Zenmuse. This package takes out all the stress and guess work of building an exspensive copter. All aerial photography systems are tailored to the individual customer based on budget, purpose, camera and experience.

You select the Zenmuse model you want. We then build and dial in your S800 EVO with a Graupner or Futaba 14SG radio. Once that is completely set up, test flown and put through a stress test. We then Install your Zenmuse, and set that up on a seperate Graupner / Futaba 8FG. That is then calibrated, and we configure all your swiches. We then take it for a couple more test flights and dial in the gains. When you receive your S800, you will have the confidence that it is set up correctly, and that it has already been flown fully configured.

The complete package includes:

  • S800 Hexacopter Frame, Motors and Motor Controllers
  • Retractable Landing Gear
  • DJI Carbon Fiber Props
  • Graupner MX20 and MX16 or Futaba
  • DJI Wookong M or A2 Autopilot
  • IOSD Mark II & DJI Datalink
  • MaxAmps dual 6,000mah High Density Lipos
  • Zenmuse Z15 Gimbal
  • DJI Video Downlink
  • Custom Ground Station Options

The package includes everything required to operate, the items above are listed to give an overview of the core components. Each system is hand built, with 100% dedication to the project and customer. No corners are cut. The on-board systems are expertly setup, configured and balanced in order to provide a TRUE ready to fly system. Before being released every multicopter is put through its paces via a grueling endurance test, in excess of 20 full flights totaling some 4 hours in the air. This ensures you can concentrate on getting the perfect shot, without the worry of the aircraft’s integrity and air worthiness.

The DJI S800 EVO

The S800 EVO is a new generation of hex-rotor platform designed for professional aerial photography. Amongst other design features, it has a strengthened and rigid frame structure, strong and stable power system and also an efficient and abundant power reserve, all of these features make the S800 EVO a perfect choice for commercial and industrial AP applications.

-Highly integrated design, simple and easy to install.
-Retractable landing gear, folding propellers and folding GPS bracket, enables good portability and an excellent user experience, making it more superior to other platforms.
-The Retractable landing gear and high-performance vibration absorber kit helps you to achieve the full range of aerial perspective and shoot high quality video material.
-Perfectly matched with the A2 flight control system, it’s easy to obtain a stable hover and has excellent flight performance, and can be widely used in the various fields of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

The S800 EVO has a new and strengthened structure design, which has greatly enhanced the rigidity and stability of the whole system. The arms have embedded Silicone Rubber (SR) Wires. The innovative integrated design makes installation simple and neat. There is more space available on the Centre Frame, which makes it easier for you to install various auxiliary equipments required for aerial photography

A2 Multi-rotor Stabilization Controller

DJI A2 multi-rotor stabilization controller is a complete flight control system for various multi-rotor platforms for commercial and industrial AP applications. It opens an unprecedented era of precise positioning and perfect flight control in harsh environments for flight control systems.

Its high performance antenna, low noise anti-interference front-end RF design, accurate position and speed calculating comprehensive technological breakthroughs, all these make the positioning performance of the GPS Pro near perfection; With higher accuracy performance, larger measuring range, and a unique damping design and calibration algorithm, the IMU is able to provide stable output even in high vibration and large movement environments. The built-in receiver system directly supports the popular transmitters, and it also supports a variety of external receivers. Combined with abundant output interfaces, flexible configuration, it makes the flight controller competent for complex control and airborne equipment operation; the new dual CAN-Bus design greatly improves the data throughput and stability of the system.

Based on the technology and design philosophy of DJI’s Ace series of high-performance controllers, the A2 offers you a brand new flight experience. The A2 adopts a full metal case design and utilizes high quality components precisely calibrated with temperature compensation in all gyros and sensors, industry renowned flight algorithm in flight control and UAV field.