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RTF - Aeronavics BOT Ti-QR

Example setup for a Aeronavics/Droidworx BOT Ti-QR Quadrocopter. This could be Your power workhorse for all and everything flying with a small Gopro and a 3D gimbal up to a small compact DSLR. Its a compact lightweight, Industrial grade aerial robotic craft designed for light field applications such as sport filming, on the farm and many other applications in public services and light industries.

It is compact, will pack down into a small day pack and with industrial grade motors and 15” carbon fiber propellers. A retro pocket rocket and a perfect solution for aerials-on-the-go with only 670mm diameter . Under optimum conditions flight times are possible up to 40 minutes (no load). All Aerial Cinematography systems are tailored to the individual customer based on budget, purpose, camera and experience. The BOT is the perfect choice for the professional looking for high quality features in a compact frame, for long-range weight payloads. It is perfectly suited to unmanned aerial photography, aerial surveys and remote site inspection. All Aerial Photography systems are tailored to the individual customer based on budget, purpose, camera and experience.
The Aeronavic BOT is the perfect choice for the advanced user upgrading from DJI Phantoms to a professional frame and long-endurance copter. So, you can be assure that this is built and configured properly.

The complete package includes:

  • Aeronavics BOT Ti-QR
  • Removable Landing Gear
  • T-Motor Motors
  • Maytech SimonK ESC’s
  • T-Motor 15” Carbon Multicopter Props
  • Power Board
  • Graupner MC20 or MZ16 w/ telemetrie
  • DJI Naza / Wookong M Autopilot / A2
  • IOSD Mark II / DJI Datalink
  • DJI Gimbal 3D-H3
  • 5.8Ghz Long Range Video Link
  • Custom Ground Station Options

alternativ items for operation if needed

  • HP-EOS730I Hyperion Eos 730i Net3 7S Charger
  • Power Supply 110/24V 600Watt
  • (Alternativ) DJI Lightbridge 2.4G Full HD Video Downlink with OSD and Control
  • (Alternativ) Lilliput 7″ 664/o/p LED Camera-top Monitor with Hdmi/in&out+av (Pilot)
  • Pearl 7 inch all in one FPV monitor (Pilot)
  • Circular Wireless HELIAXIAL58 Helical Axial Mode 5.8 GHz FPV Antenna
  • 5.8GHz Circular Polarized Antenna with Cover for Receiver (SMA) (RHCP)

Aeronavics BOT 

The package includes everything required to operate, the items above are listed to give an overview of the core components. Each system is hand built, with 100% dedication to the project and customer. No corners are cut. The on-board systems are expertly setup, configured and balanced in order to provide a TRUE ready to fly system. Before being released every multicopter is put through its paces via a grueling endurance test, to make sure there are no unexpected surprises in the air. This ensures you can concentrate on getting the perfect shot, without the worry of the aircraft’s integrity and air worthiness.

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