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Ready to Fly Copter Packages

Miami Aerial Drone’s goal is to offer industrie standard of custom multirotor aerial solutions for video, photo, research and anything else imaginable. We offer custom multicopter systems based on Droidworx, Freefly and DJI frames, from quadcopter to octocopter and everything in between. You may have landed here after searching for any number of terms related to Multicopter or Quadrocopter Builds. But wether you are looking for remote aerial cameras, UAV’s for sale or aerial camera systems. All builds include everything you need to start flying right out of the box.

We understand it is a big investment, and a leap of faith when venturing on a new business, especially in a highly technical and ever changing field like unmanned aircraft. So our aim is to make the process as seamless and simple as possible. If you have a good idea of what you require and you are looking for a build quote, please try our system builder page. There you can select some of the more common aircraft and modules. This is then passed through to inspection and we can issue you with a formal quote. If you’re not so sure what it is you need, or if it is something a little out of the ordinary, please use our contact page to send us a message and let us know what it is you need. We find these methods are good for initially getting across what it is you require, however please feel free to phone the offices on the above number. If you catch us whilst we are out on a job or test-flying, please do leave a message and we will get back to you.

We are able to cater for any request, a large proportion of our aerial camera systems follow the same formula, using tried and tested parts and configurations. As a rule we use DJI autopilots, but can also fit Hoverfly, Mikrokopter and Freefly controllers. Airframes are normally either Droidworx, Photohigher, DJI or Freefly. These include the ever popular Skyjib, Cinestar, HALO, XM, S800, S1000, EVO and CX variations. We are big fans of the Graupner / JR radio control units for their ease of use and reliability, but equally, depending on request we use Jeti controllers such as the DS-16. Again, if you are a seasoned flyer and have a preference for a particular brand we can accommodate any request, as long as the controller meets certain requirements. Futaba, Graupner, JR and Hitec are currently acceptable.

The majority of aerial camera systems go out with a Zenmuse, Freefly or Cinestar 3-axis gimbal. We can also provide the next generation direct drive brushless gimbals, depending on budget. These include the Freefly MoVI and Photohigher HALO 2000 & 2500. There are some more cost effective options if you are happy with a bit more user involvement in the setup and use of the gimbal. We can provide suitable camera gimbals to lift almost any camera, from the GoPro, GH2-4 and NEX5-7, Blackmagic Pocket Cam, right up to the 5D, Epic, C300 and FS700.

Finally, the RTF aerial UAV is complete with all ancillary equipment according to your needs. Including HD video links, advanced groundstation solutions, comprehensive spares kits and optional training. If this is a secondary or even third aircraft purchase. Systems can be provided to match in with your current kit list, so that you dont have the expense of having to duplicate any ground or control equipment. Aircraft leave our offices after extensive setup, testing and tuning procedures by professionals with many years experience in the multirotor industry.

So please contact us if you have a general inquiry, or you are not quite sure what it is you need. Alternatively, go to our system builder page and select from some of the more common components to give us an idea of what you need. After that, do take some time to look around this site, there is other sourceful information. We have regular news updates on the blog. A sample of some of our past work is in our Builder Showcase. We dont have a shop but we can source mostly all items are needed for the build and repair of your copter.