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RTF – Droidworx Skyjib 8 V2 Titanium

Call for Price

Example setup for a Droidworx SkyJib 8 ready to fly, heavy lift system. Suitable for Canon 5D, Red Epic & C300 etc. This is just one example of what is possible. All Aerial Cinematography systems are tailored to the individual customer based on budget, purpose, camera and experience.

  • Droidworx SkyJib 8 V2
  • Retractable Landing Gear
  • AXI, Tiger, or KW Motors
  • Castle, KW, HW Motor Controllers
  • Xoar Precision Multicopter Props
  • Power Hungry Systems Distro Board
  • Spektrum DX18 & Spektrum DX8
  • DJI Wookong M Autopilot
  • IOSD Mark II & DJI Datalink
  • 10,000mah High Density Lipos
  • Cinestar 3-Axis Gimbal
  • Radian Gimbal Controller
  • CamRemote 2A Pro
  • DJI Video Downlink
  • Custom Ground Station Options

The package includes everything required to operate, the items above are listed to give an overview of the core components. Each system is hand built, with 100% dedication to the project and customer. No corners are cut. The on-board systems are expertly setup, configured and balanced in order to provide a TRUE ready to fly system. Before being released every multicopter is put through its paces via a grueling endurance test, in excess of 20 full flights totaling some 4 hours in the air. This ensures you can concentrate on getting the perfect shot, without the worry of the aircraft’s integrity and air worthiness.

All ready to fly multicopter packages are fully built, setup and tested. These are very much example systems. All packages can be custom tailored to suit your needs, and specific prices quoted. Extensive materials are provided including training documents, reference material, software DVD’s and document folders to keep everything organised. You will also be able to enjoy full after sales support and technical help. Once complete, they all come with a two hour handover to get you used to the new aircraft. If a complete beginner, full training days can be arranged to give yourself a kick start. Contact us to get your quote organised!